We focus on your goals, such as understanding and completing homework, writing a book report, or preparing for a test. We assist homeschool families by tutoring one or more subjects or supporting your entire homeschool program.

Our professional tutors determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Tailoring their approach to meet the specific needs of each student, the tutors address the weak areas and build on the strengths. The tutors draw on their skills and experience to assess and structure the lessons to lead students to success.

Online tutoring is similar to our in-person tutoring. You schedule with the same tutor who focuses on your student’s needs. The tutor will discuss the best online platforms for your situation. Most online tutoring combines audio, visual and a common whiteboard.

How it Works


Home Tutoring Plus uses holistic, non-prescriptive tutoring
  • Working one-on-one, the tutor determines the student’s interests and learning styles. Methods include questioning, encouragement, drills, humor and technology.
  • Focus is generally on the student’s current schoolwork.
  • Quickly build to homeschool and classroom success.
  • At your convenience in your home, other preferred location or online
  • In-home tutoring develops or reinforces the habit of studying at home. Home Tutoring Plus students not only advance during the tutoring sessions, but in-between lessons as well. With better study skills and confidence, students often improve even in subjects in which they are NOT being tutored.

National franchise tutoring companies use prescriptive tutoring
  • The students are tested and put in a group of about three students per teacher. No student receives the tutor’s full attention.
  • Each student follows the learning centers’ prescribed program and materials.
  • Progress on the centers’ materials is gradually achieved.
  • Time and energy to travel to and from the tutoring center, with a parent often waiting for the lesson to conclude.
  • After a full day of school and an hour or two at the tutoring center, the students are then left to do their homework on their own. This is a lot to ask of someone who already feels discouraged about or challenged by schoolwork.
Whether you choose in-person or online services, Home Tutoring Plus tutors use techniques that result in a direct route to academic success.
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