Hi-tech vs. hi-touch. You can have both.

Over the Summer a teacher friend of ours expressed some concerns about returning to the classroom in the Fall. Concerns about safety for both students and teachers were among her most pressing concerns. But, safety aside, she was also concerned about how she could really connect with her students. As an elementary school teacher, she knew that some kids needed that gentle touch on the shoulder of encouragement, a hug from their teacher, or a look over the shoulder as they worked through an assignment.

She understands the influence teachers can have on their student’s lives and the importance of one-on-one interaction. Social distancing and virtual learning would change the way she managed her classroom. She was concerned about how to balance hi-tech with hi-touch. 

She is not the only teacher concerned about this. In fact, balancing high-tech and high-touch is something that many organizations have tried to reconcile for years. Ultimately it comes down to relationships. Students are not as concerned about how much you know until they know how much you care. Teachers need to get to know their students. This helps students know that their teacher is invested in them. When students know someone cares about them, they will try harder to live up to the potential that their teachers see in them. 

Understanding this puts the whole hi-tech vs. hi-touch into perspective. We live in an era when relationships are formed and strengthened using technology. This is not new. The same methods teachers and students use to build relationships with friends and family through social media and text are the same principles that teachers can follow in this world of distance learning. The mediums will be different (teachers should not be engaging with students on social media or through text) but the outcomes can be the same.

So what can be done? Simply use whatever technology you have to communicate with your students and make sure they know you care about them. If you do this, hi-tech will accomplish the hi-touch you are seeking. Here at Home Tutoring Plus, our tutors have mastered the art of hi-tech meets hi-touch and we will show your students the same care and concern as you do. 

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