Educating the mind and the heart

Teachers who have the ability to educate the mind and the heart are pretty inspiring. Even more inspiring are those who are finding a way to do it for both virtual and in-person learners during this school year.

One of our partners shared with a us a story of a teacher who inspired him. It happened 30 years ago and it still stands out to him this day:

I was not the most academically gifted student in high school. I did what I had to do in order to get by. By the time my senior year started, I had accepted the idea that I would need to attend a community college in order to prove to other universities (and myself) that I could succeed.

My English teacher during my senior year wanted to give me a head start on that. He did not allow me to accept average. He saw that I had an ability to comprehend and intrepret meaning to some of the literature we were reviewing. He acknowledged a writing ability in me that I thought was there – but no other teacher ever validated. After the first semester gardes came out he told the class that everyone in his class received an A or B and that the school administration questioned his teaching tactics – thinking maybe he was not strict enough. He told us that he made sure the administration knew he was doing his job just fine and that the good grades were a result of motivated and bright students who were enthusiastic about learning. “Motivated”, “bright”, “enthusiastic about learning” – no teacher had told me that before.

I got straight A’s in that class – and yes he was a hard grader. That teacher, Carl Freundel, knew how to inspire my mind and my heart.

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